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In the otome game, the protagonist, a widow named [Protagonist's Name], resides in the Aomine household. The trials of her life take an unexpected turn when Sasuke confesses his love for her. Daiki, on the other hand, harbors resentment towards her for Takano's death, leading to a strained relationship. Hanako, the mother-in-law, wishes for her to stay with them permanently. As the story unfolds, Sasuke's initially gentle demeanor reveals ulterior motives.

Enters Shane Brown, an old friend of the protagonist, who offers solace and respite from the heavy burdens she carries. Players can embark on two distinct routes: Daiki's route, exploring the challenges of their strained relationship, and Shane Brown's route, delving into the potential romance and support he provides. Navigate the complexities of love, family, and friendship in this engaging otome game.

What's NEW

In this exciting update, we've introduced Shane Brown's route, offering players a fresh storyline and romantic possibilities that weren't available in the game before. With this addition, the game now offers three unique endings, allowing players to explore various paths and outcomes in their journey with the protagonist.

Game Specifications:- 

Two Romantic Routes: Players can choose between Daiki's and Shane Brown's routes, shaping the protagonist's romantic journey.

- Three Endings: The game offers three unique and impactful endings, providing players with a range of outcomes based on their choices.

- 80000 Words: The game's narrative consists of 80000 words, allowing for a rich and immersive storytelling experience.

- Impactful Choices: Players make meaningful decisions throughout the game, influencing the direction of the story and the relationships with the characters.

- Cinematic Gameplay: The game features cinematic elements that enhance the overall gaming experience, making it visually engaging and emotionally immersive.




Daiki is a renowned surgeon with a commanding personality. He holds his strong set of morals close to his heart, making him a principled and disciplined individual. When it comes to his emotions, they are stored deep within, and he rarely wears his heart on his sleeve. If he harbors dislike for someone, it burns with a passionate intensity, and if he loves someone, it's with a fervent devotion.

Family plays a central role in Daiki's life, and he is a devoted father to his daughter, Yumi, and a loving son to his mother. He treasures his family dearly, and his actions often revolve around their well-being and happiness. Despite his stern exterior, he is a family-oriented man who would go to great lengths to protect and provide for his loved ones.

Sasuke possesses a cunning and determined personality. He is someone who knows precisely what he wants and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals. His intelligence and strategic thinking make him a shrewd individual who can be quite persuasive when he sets his mind to something.

Sasuke is not one to shy away from pursuing his desires, and his confidence in his abilities is often evident. He can be charming when it suits his objectives and can easily navigate complex situations. His unwavering determination and resourcefulness make him a character who adds a layer of intrigue and complexity to the otome game's narrative.

Shane Brown is an extraordinary friend who embodies selflessness, always prioritizing the needs and well-being of others above his own. Despite his caring nature, he possesses a strong sense of self-respect and doesn't allow people to take advantage of his kindness. He's known for his immense success as a prominent business mogul, overseeing a vast and influential business enterprise.

Shane's ability to handle adversaries and challenges is remarkable. He has connections in high places, which he leverages to his advantage when necessary. He knows how to navigate complex situations and bend certain rules to achieve his goals. Underneath his powerful exterior, Shane exudes a gentle and kind-hearted nature, making him a multifaceted character in the otome game, offering both strength and compassion to the protagonist and players.

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Get this game and 1 more for $13.60 USD
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