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The thing about lies is that once you start lying, every little lie entails a presence of its own and that presence cannot be denied by any means, whether you close your eyes, put your hands on your ears to block away the whispers, the presence looms in the shadow over you…



Protagonist: You are the protagonist in the story…

Shisui: Your best friend who is popular in school for his looks as well as for his skills in basketball. He appears cold and nonchalant, but is it really so?

Sarada: A beautiful girl from your school who is in love with Shisui, your best friend…

Rin: She is a friend of Sarada but what is she trying to hide behind her friendship to her?

Shiro: A school hottie who is nice to you, but he ruffles Shisui’s feathers…

Multiple other characters...

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Install instructions

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BeautifullyBrokenDemo-1.0-mac.zip 30 MB
BeautifullyBrokenDemo-1.0-pc.zip 48 MB

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