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You the Protagonist, betrayed by her own father, is fated to live a life worse than death. Betrayed and used as a tool, to fulfill the whimsical wishes of her family to attain profitable gains. Join her in her journey to find true love and emancipation from the shackles of relations holding her down. 


~ Kian An arrogant, suave and austere  man who is selfish to the point of causing pain to others.

~Haruto A man with a sanguine nature, soft spoken and caring .  

~Yuki A house-wrecker and an arrogant woman who will do anything  in her capacity to make the life of the protagonist a living hell. 

~Ryouta  A rich, strong and sadist man, with a wish to torture and bed the protagonist. 

About this novel:

It is easy to read and designed specially for the smartphones. A love triangle which will take on a journey full of tears and brave ventures. User preferred interface . Multiple choices to make and decisions to take. captivating story line. Smooth and fast moving plot.

Pros of the game. The prologue is absolutely free. It does not contain any adds. No internet is required to play the game.

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Install instructions

Please! Extract the application file.


ACageofGoldALoveStoryDemo-1.0-pc.zip 59 MB
ACageofGoldALoveStoryDemo-1.0-mac.zip 42 MB

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